Geology and Geophysics

Geology & Geophysics

Accurate engineering decisions require reliable reservoir description.  To this end, OPES has a number of highly experienced Geoscientists available to assist in all forms of subsurface evaluation, from exploration through to petrophysics and geomodelling.


OPES has assisted clients in evaluating acreage for licensing rounds and farm-in opportunities, mapping of prospects and leads through to velocity modelling, seismic characterization and inversions.  These projects have ranged from onshore to deepwater, conventional to unconventional and clastic to carbonate reservoirs from basins all around the world.


Our G &G experts also work side by side with our engineering team.  This ensures the final modelling product is consistent not only with the geology of the region, but all available seismic, well data and other reservoir engineering aspects.  We make sure that decisions are supported by all the data and are consilient with other evidence.


We have also formed alliances with companies to assist us with regional exploration and basin analysis, as well as seismic processing and large scale interpretation.  These partnerships allow us access to the necessary hardware and knowledge to offer a full range of geoscience services and solutions to our clients.